Here and Only Here

Many things big and small can only be found in Oregon – the deepest lake or deepest gorge in North America, the world’s smallest park and shortest river for example. But what makes Oregon really unique are the people living here and the things they care about.

Beer in School

Imagine a school where you can have beer in the classroom, whiskey and cigars in the detention hall and falling asleep is okay and even encouraged. This is exactly the atmosphere you?ll find at…

Crater Lake National Park

7,700 years ago, the almost 12,000 feet (4000 m) high volcano Mt. Mazama erupted in an enormous explosion leaving nothing but a deep crater. Over hundreds of years, the crater filled with rain…

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is truly special: unlike other states, the entire coastline is publicly accessible. State parks dot the coastline and no gates, fences or private property keep anyone from walking…

The World’s Smallest Park – and One of the Largest

Mills Ends Park is not easy to find and its size, or lack thereof, is partly to blame. It is only 102 inches (260 cm) in diameter but that has not kept the city of Portland from recognizing it as…

Unspoiled Nature

There are many things that make Oregon unique. From early on, Oregon has been a leader for environmental protection, passing progressive legislation that preserves and protects natural resources….

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