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Biking, rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, skiing and hiking are just a few recreational activities you can enjoy during your visit to the Willamette Valley. After all, NIKE was born here so locals take the phrase “just do it” to heart! Your journey begins with a drive along the wild and scenic McKenzie River. One of the best ways to experience this pristine area is by enjoying a horseback ride courtesy of Triangle 5 Ranch, located just 15 miles east of Eugene. Your will have the opportunity to see the local wildlife, including deer, coyotes, hawks and an occasional bald eagle. Head back towards Blue River on Highway 126 to the Delta Old Growth Nature Trail, where a wheelchair accessible loop trail leads you through 500-year-old trees nearly 250 feet tall. The predominant trees in this grove are Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar and one of the few old growth areas set aside for public enjoyment. Next introduce your bunch to a spectrum of wild and scenic river adventures like a group fly fishing lesson or a spin in a McKenzie drift boat with High Country Expeditions. After a long day of exploring Lane County make sure to stop by Belknap Hot Springs. Belknap is famous for their extreme pools of natural mineral water. After a soak in the springs, settle in for an evening of fresh mountain air and awaken ready to hit the mountain biking capitol of Oregon! Drive the scenic Aufderheide along one of Oregon’s Scenic Byways. You are heading past Cougar reservoir, toward Oakridge, an area of the state that is crisscrossed with 500 miles (805 km) of world-class biking and hiking trails.

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