Health and Wellness Escape

Health and Wellness Escape

Health & Wellness Escape Details

Health and wellness have long been associated with Ashland, Oregon. The Native Americans soaked in the healing waters located throughout the Ashland area many, many years ago. In the late 1800’s, the Helman Mud Baths and local warm springs were popular tourist retreats. Jackson Hot Springs and the Twin Plunges were two of the many sulphur spring public pools that people enjoyed.

People came from many miles to drink Lithia water and it can still be tasted in Lithia Park. The history continues as Ashland has developed into a destination for the healing arts. Relax and rejuvenate!

Indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities clear the mind and heal the body. Ski Mt. Ashland, Cross Country ski, fly fish, river raft, bicycle, play a game of racquet ball or tennis in Lithia Park or at Ashland Racket Ball Club, hike, take a pilates class…it’s all part of the healing process.

If health and wellness are your aspirations, this tour, with many choices, is for you!

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