Edible Southern Oregon

Edible Southern Oregon

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Taste the Food – With plenty of fresh, local produce to work with, it’s no wonder our award-winning chefs prepare exceptional dishes insisting on using the freshest Southern Oregon produce and ingredients. Imagine dining on fresh-caught salmon and sipping wine as you overlook a gentle stretch of the Rogue River.

Some of the noteworthy culinary adventures you’ll have in Southern Oregon include a taste of world-famous bleu cheese from the Rogue Creamery, hand-crafted truffles from Lillie Belle Farms, toffee from Cary’s of Oregon, savory meats from Taylor Sausages, Butte Creek (flour) Mill, incredible pies at Kruse Farms, Dutch oven cooking at Willow Springs Guest Ranch, naturally leavened breads from Green Blade Bakery, and Harry & David, one of the largest gourmet mail order food and gift companies in the world.

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