Mt. Hood/Gorge National Scenic Byway

Mt. Hood/Gorge National Scenic Byway

Mt. Hood/Gorge National Scenic Byway Details

With the lush Hood River Valley stretching to the horizon the first stop of the day is The Gorge White House. Situated in a beautiful 1910 Dutch Colonial home in the heart of the Hood River Valley. The home and farm stand feature local Columbia Gorge products including local wine, microbrews, fruit, flowers, jams, artisan cheeses, wild sockeye smoked salmon, d’anjou pear vinegar, dried fruit and more. Fields of flowers, pear orchards, berries and table grapes offer beautiful views of Mt. Hood and Adams. Climb aboard the Fruit Company Express: for an up close and personal look at the verdant pear and apple orchards. Enjoy a fantastic journey featuring the world’s finest fruit from blossoms burst all the way to bountiful harvest. The breathtaking beauty of the Hood River Valley gem takes just a few moments to see, but you will remember it for a lifetime. Don’t forget to visit the Fruit Company’s Farmers Market for a fresh fruit “souvenir”. Stop for a BBQ with a northwest twist featuring cherry-wood smoked ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken or polish dogs, all served with homemade pear coleslaw and apple cider baked beans at the Apple Valley Country Store: With snow-capped peaks of Mt. Hood to the south, Mt. Adams to the north, hand-painted signs advertising 4 lb. apple pies, tire swings, and petting goats — it’s a setting right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

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