Albany Historic Carousel & Museum

503 First Ave West, Albany, OR 97321

This carousel will consist of 52 animals and, being a menagerie style unit, will have a variety ranging from a seven foot plus tall giraffe, dogs, cats, zebras, unicorns, dragons, and yes, even lions, tigers, and bears, (oh my just to name a few)! The animals will be situated on three rows, where the outside row (large animals) will be “standers” while the middle and inside row animals (medium and small sized respectively) will be “jumpers”. Each row will also have two replacement animals and there is also five seasonal animals planned, bringing our total to sixty-three animals.

The Albany Carousel is fortunate to have a 1909 Dentzel Carousel Corporation mechanism donated to our project. Our initial plan was to purchase a new mechanism that would hold 32 animals. However, Bill Dentzel, great grandson of Gustav Dentzel the founder of Dentzel Carousel Corporation, heard of our project and arranged for the antique mechanism to be donated to us. The Albany Carousel owes a great debt of gratitude to both Bill Dentzel and the National Carousel Association, the actual owner of the mechanism prior to it being donated to our project through Bill Dentzel.

This classic mechanism has taken over ten years to restore to working order, every wooden gear tooth, every mirror panel, every motor that turns the carousel platform, has been meticulously restored. The lead engineer on this project is a gentleman by the name of Carl Baker, who with a fine crew of volunteers has done a fantastic job in turning this truckload of “oh my word, what have we gotten ourselves into” into the marvel it is today! In fact, the mechanism is now fully operational and installed in the new Albany Carousal Building located at 503 1st Ave West, Albany, Oregon – way to go Carl and crew!

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503 First Ave West Albany, OR 97321

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